Mobile App Development

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With regards to business processes, there are always opportunities to be more efficient to drive up your company margins. Whether it be eliminating a process on paper, improving communication, reducing overheads, improving customer service or just saving time, there is no denying demand for access to business information and applications through mobile technologies is surging as consumer preferences and behavior spill over into the business workforce.

Mobile Applications that are beautifully designed and technically sound

Stylish and functional – designing, developing and testing your app

Our talented team of developers focus on the three major mobile operating systems; iOS and Android. But before a single line of code is written, we carefully attend to the architecture, UI and UX of your app. Working collaboratively with you, we design your screen flows, wireframes, prototypes and technical and functional specifications. Aware’s testing framework maximizes testing effectiveness providing faster results to ensure your app works across a multitude of platforms and devices. From test strategy to test execution, we provide usability and functionality testing, system integration and UAT testing.

Making it work – systems integration, hosting and deployment

We understand the complexities of integrating apps with an array of back-end systems, so we have built in-house skills and experience to deliver a fully managed, hosted service in our data center. Alternatively, we can integrate your app into your existing infrastructure and handle the deployment to your chosen app stores or enterprise solution platforms.

Mobile First

Use of mobile devices has now surpassed desktop and Google increasingly penalises sites that are not mobile friendly by de-ranking them in search results, ultimately affecting your bottom line. With this in mind we design our websites for mobile first and our mobile-optimization aims make your website as frictionless as possible for the user.

Usability (UX) and design (UI)

User-friendliness or Ease of Use is the most important factor for customers in determining whether they will use your website or service. We always design websites with users in mind. We take the most complex concepts and break them down to make them easy to understand use.

Responsive Websites

Create a consistent brand experience on smartphones tablets and desktops, with a responsive website that automatically orientates itself based on the screen size of the device and still look great, across every platform.

Easy Content Management

The right content management system gives you the control to easily make changes to your copy, call to actions, blog, news photos and videos without the need to know html. We specialize in WordPress, Magento, Drupal and Kentico.

Why should you consider Aware?

  • Global IT knowledge and resources with local market presence and know how
  • Proven track record of success in multiple markets and industries
  • A collaborative approach when delivering solutions for consumer and enterprise clients
  • Aware has a single source of accountability with no need for multiple vendors