Software Testing

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At Aware, our skilled test professionals are determined in their efforts to detect and eliminate defects. Our team can help you with:

  • Strategizing, planning, designing and executing tests
  • Managing test executions and defect life cycles
  • System and system integration testing for Web, Mobile and .NET
  • Security and performance testing
  • Test automation

GrapeWare - Test Automation Software

By automating functional, system, system integration, compatibility and regression testing, GrapeWare promotes better quality assurance and improves test coverage, while reducing test execution duration and effort, and decreasing the costs of compatibility testing. Designed and built by software testing professionals, for software testing professionals, the keyword driven application is based on Selenium technology and operates within the CakePHP framework allowing end-users to develop and test complex test scenarios with speed and ease.

Why should you consider Aware?

  • Proven track record of success in multiple markets and industries
  • Global IT knowledge and resources with local market presence and know how
  • A collaborative approach when delivering solutions for consumer and enterprise clients
  • Aware has a single source of accountability with no need for multiple vendors